Math Tutoring

MaranathaEd delivers individualized instruction students need to meet their academic goals in mathematics. Tutorial sessions usually take place 2 or 3 times per week with each session lasting between 1 and 2 hours. On average, MaranathaEd’s program provides between 8 to 48 weeks of instruction. Our tutoring program has proven to be effective especially with underachieving students. We have seen average increases in mastery around 25%-50% after the program. Our students become eager learners and work harder to understand the subjects with which they once struggled. Here’s an AWESOME story on MaranathaEd’s Math Tutoring Program by Fox4NewsKC




We believe that your time is precious so the convenience of having the right tutor can be the difference between sticking with and individual academic program and dropping it. We work around each family’s schedule to provide and enjoyable learning experience. Also because of this one-on-one attention, peer pressure is eliminated and allows the students to focus on being successful. Contact us to schedule an appointment.




One-on-one tutoring is Awesome! We give our students individualized attention and tailor fit their program which allows them to be successful. Our tutors are professional and have the background knowledge to motivate and encourage each student to succeed. Our tutors will find out what motivates your student and make sure he/she is successful in the subject area in which he/she struggles.




Our rates are affordable and we try to make sure that you and your student get the best bang for your buck. Most of the larger companies do not offer personalized, one-on-one tutoring. And, it doesn’t matter if your student attends a public, private school or is home-schooled we will give you the best rate to make sure your student is successful.


Call for a 30 Minute FREE CONSULTATION  and find out how affordable personal tutoring can be.