How do I know if my child needs individualized tutoring?

Individualized tutoring can be a benefit of every student who is struggling with math. Whether the student is having problems with math or wants to get ahead and advance, MaranathaEd can help your student achieve those goals.

How many hours a week will my child meet with the tutor?

We recommend that your student meet with the tutor twice a week for a minimum of two hours. If your student is seriously behind in school work, late with assignments, has motivational issues or learning challenges, then we may require extra time.

Who and where does MaranathaEd serve?

MaranathaEd serves the Kansas City Metro area stretching from Warrensburg, MO toLawrence, Kansas and Harrisonville, MO to Liberty, MO. Also Leavenworth, Kansas.

Where does the tutor meet the student?

We are an In-Home Math Tutoring Company so we meet the students in their homes, libraries, coffee houses or any public venue. Our offices are located in the Historic Lincoln Building of the 18th and Vine Jazz District.

Do you provide services to families who home school their students?

Yes. MaranathaEd is the best resource for parents homeschooling their student. Parents are excellent teachers but may not be skilled in higher math. That’s where we come to the rescue. We are available to help parents help their students become successful.

Should I have my child continue tutoring during the summer months?

Research shows that many students experience learning loss when they do not engage in educational activities during summer months. Furthermore, they score lower on standardized tests at the end of the summer vacation than they do on the same tests at the beginning of summer vacation. (Cooper, 1996) MaranathaEd believes that every student should be involved in some type of summer program/tutoring. 

What is the cost of tutoring from MaranathaEd?

Our program pricing varies due to the customized instruction to meet the specific needs of each student. In our initial consultation we will work with the student to set academic goals. The cost of the program includes the components that make up the individualized sessions: subject or subjects, hourly instruction cost and payment schedule that fits your family’s budget. 

How much is the ACT Prep Course and what does it cover?

ACT Prep Course starts at $499.

When are the ACT Prep Courses offered?

ACT Prep Courses are offered one month before each national test.  

Do you accept credit cards?

YES! We do accept the following credit cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover.

How do I arrange a free consultation?

Call 816-863-4799 or go to the Contact Us page and schedule an appointment.

How soon can we begin tutoring sessions?

Immediately! Sessions can be arranged at your earliest convenience. Our In-Home Math Tutoring services are available Monday-Thursday 9am to 8pm and Friday-Sunday session are by appointment only.