The director was kind enough to hold a special session to make sure my student and others could ask any follow up questions prior to the test. We had a great experience and looking forward to putting these new methods into action. ~ Vetta Manning

I really appreciate the patience Duane has when he is instructing. My daughter is not a great test taker. However, because of the teaching she received from Duane she is a lot more confident in her ability to take the next ACT. We need educators like him who have a passion and desire to see students be successful at all levels of education. I am very pleased with her experience and would recommend MaranathaEd to everyone preparing for the ACT. ~ Sunshine Petrone

After talking to Duane Joseph for five minutes both my husband and I were convinced that he could help our daughter gain admission to college of her choice. He not only has expertise on the ACT but on the college admission process as a whole. Our daughter attended one of Mr. Joseph’s sessions and we were not disappointed. He breaks down the test and provides solid strategies for achieving a higher score. I highly recommend his program. ~ Maria Pence

Mr. Joseph is the real deal! I have worked in the same office building with Mr. Joseph for 3 years now and have referred multiple kids to him. This year, my daughter Madison, was a sophomore and had taken her first ACT test. After seeing the results, I knew I needed to get her into Mr. Joseph to prepare her for the next test we scheduled. Madison only had 2 weeks to prepare when she met with Mr. Joseph 3 times to study. When we got her results back form the 2nd ACT test, she improved her score by 4 points. Madison was super excited and continues to work with Mr. Joseph 1 time a week to prepare her for the next ACT test. I would recommend MaranathaEd for anyone who is needing a boost on the ACT. Toni Skelton

My experience with Mr. Joseph was amazing. My whole volleyball team tutored with him and he helped us learn the right strategies to use when taking the real ACT. He broke apart each section and made sure we understood how to attack it to achieve the highest possible scores were striving for in each section. He made the experience not only fun, but very informative and interesting at the same time! I highly recommend him to anyone looking forward to taking the ACT in the future. I rate my experience a 10/10. Also, the facility is very nice which is also a plus. It’s also a good investment to pay for his tutoring sessions because you can get scholarship money back out of it if your kid scores high on the ACT! Faith Archibong

I checked into several ACT tutor services and felt they were more concerned with SELLING me their services rather than listening to what I needed first. Maranatha Ed was extremely professional listening to what I was looking for. My child has taken several sessions with Mr. Joseph and he has been wonderful. Showing her several strategies to help her through the test and she is so much more confident for the test. Mr. Joseph cares about his students. Terrific experience and I would highly recommend them. ~ Julie White

Wonderful experience for my child. Would highly recommend for any child wanting to improve their ACT score! ~ Kristi Macaluso

My daughter took ACT Prep through school for 2 semesters and she still wasn’t getting the test score she wanted. After 1–ONE SESSION– with MaranathaED she has a better understanding of what she needs to do when taking the test because of the strategies taught at MaranthaED. My wife and I have decided to sign our daughter up for more sessions because we believe MaranthaED is the answer to our daughters ACT struggles. Thank you Mr. Joseph. ~ Steve Healy