Test Prep

Build a foundation for success on the ACT Test by using our S-K-P Model. We will teach students strategies and focus on practicing those strategies daily.



Using our Proprietary Strategies allow our students to see where they are, where they are going and how to get there. Strategy is the game plan students use to stake out the ACT information and compete successfully to conquer the unknown. We work on strategy to help our students become confident in what they are going to encounter on the ACT. We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our fun approach to work. We love what we do and we love bringing our success to our students.




MaranathaEd believes that knowledge of the ACT test lies within a student’s classroom. Knowledge is gain inside the classroom each year. By the time the student is in his/her Junior year he/she has acquired a wealth of knowledge to do well on the ACT. It is our desire and goal to assist our students in gaining knowledge of the ACT. So we have acquired one of the best online ACT programs to help students succeed in this area. Knowledge and practice goes hand-in-hand within our system. As the students practice, their knowledge for the test and question types increases allowing them to understand more.




MaranathaEd believes that practicing is simply the only way to get better. In order to get better at a sport, dance, music or your craft, you must practice to get better. So if we practice in those activities, why wouldn’t practicing for the ACT be any different. We create an environment for our students and, just like coaches for sport teams, we coach our students towards success. We help them set goals, set their priorities in place and give them tools to conquer their fears.

Once the students have a good idea of the scores they want to achieve on the test, together we develop a practice routine that will get them there. Practicing is a necessary sacrifice students are going to have to make if they want to become successful on the ACT.


"I'm a senior and needed to score a 24 to get into Mizzou. Mr. Joseph gave me a plan and confidence to do well on the test. Although this test caused me great anxiety in the past, I went in relaxed and conquered my fear. Thanks Mr. Joseph!"

Samantha B., Student